Cuarto Cine proposes a pedagogical program focused on developing audiences’ familiarity with peripheral film culture.  We aim to highlight Latin-American constellations of film identities and aesthetics; screen films that offer perspectives on marginalized visual expressions; approximate Finnish audiences with a wide variety of cultural and cinematic narratives.


Cuarto Cine is a myriad of meanings: an homage to the anti-colonial claims of Third Cinema movement / a statement of caring for the spectator beyond the fourth wall / the wish for closeness and intimacy we get in our homes and its rooms (cuartos).


We work in two directions: 


PROFESSIONAL DIRECTIONS ~ lectures and workshops led by distinguished Latin-American film directors. 


CRITICAL SPACES ~ open talks and courses designed to develop reflective and analytical skills, supporting audiences to read and problematize political and social elements of films. 


Cuarto Cine is organized by Cinemaissí ry.

Camila Rosa is a Helsinki-based Researcher, Cultural Producer, Art Educator and Performance artist. PhD candidate of Education at Tampere University, MA in Theater Pedagogy by the University of the Arts Helsinki. She has been continuously investigating the approximation between different Art languages in artistic and pedagogical contexts, and the intersections between art, education and politics. Her interests lie on decolonizing knowledge and relations within academia and the cultural field. To name a few of her latest projects: pedagogical curator for the screening series Other/Cinema, produced by the research group Critical Cinema Lab at Aalto University; producer for Cinemaissí Festival; performer in the Off the Lab program, in the Espoo Museum of Modern Art.

Diego Ginartes is an artistic director and film programmer based in Helsinki. He holds an MA in Contemporary Film and Audiovisual Studies from the University of Pompeu Fabra and Visual Arts from the University of São Paulo. As an artistic director he has run Cinemaissí, the Latin American film festival in Finland from 2016 to 2018. He works as a Nordic film advisor for D’A Film Festival, as the curator for the screening series Other/Cinema, produced by the research group Critical Cinema Lab at Aalto University and as a short movies screener for Tribeca Film Festival, among other projects. Ginartes is also a board member of Globe Art Point, an association that promotes and supports the status and workingconditions of international artists and cultural actors of different art forms living in Finland.


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