Andrés Duque is a Spanish filmmaker born in Caracas, Venezuela (1972). His work stands on the periphery of non-fiction and has a strong essayistic or documentary slant. His debut film, Iván Z, is a study of cult filmmaker Iván Zulueta. In 2011 he made his first full-length feature, Color perro que huye, which premiered at the Rotterdam International Film Festival and won the Audience’s Prize at the Punto de Vista International Documentary Film Festival of Navarra. The following year he was an invited artist at the Flaherty Seminar in New York. His film Ensayo Final para Utopía won the City of Barcelona Prize in 2013, while the later Oleg y las raras artes (2016), a portrait of composer and pianist Oleg Nikolaevich Karavaichuk, has received numerous awards. In 2018 he began a two-part project on the Karelia region, filming in Russia and in Finland. 


Works: Iván Z (2004), Paralelo 10 (2005), Landscapes in a Truck (2006), La constelación Bartleby (2007), Life Between Worlds Not in Fixed Reality (2008), All You Zombies (2008), No es la imagen es el objeto (2009), Color perro que huye (2011), Ensayo final para utopía (2012), Primeros síntomas (2015), Las manos de Nastasia (2015), Una película recordada (2015), Oleg y las raras artes (2016), Carelia: Internacional con monumento (2018).

Retrospective films


Color Runaway Dog

Original title: Color perro que huye

Wednesday 2 October 2019 at 17:30

After an accident that leaves him in bed for two months, the director recovers images and footage that he has filed for eight years. With them he produced an intimate and sensorial film, consisting of portraits of friends, walking tours around Barcelona and a trip to his country of birth, Venezuela, where chaos imposes its aesthetic appeal. A complex and fragmented film that shows us the world closest to its filmmaker, even though they are not far from being as absurd as a painting by Hyeronimous Bosch.


Sunday 6 October 2019 at 14:00

“A genuine cult title, Zulueta's deeply eccentric, brooding and mysterious underground oddity was a significant early influence on Almodóvar while remaining barely known outside Spain. A hallucinatory, claustrophobic examination of the secret potency of film itself, it enters the disorienting world of a young film-maker who discovers his camera has a feature he'd never imagined. Taking one right back to those great '70s mood movies, it's a singular treat.” -Time Out, London.

Iván Z

Sunday 6 October 2019 at 17:30 after Arrebato

Ivan Z chronicles the meeting of the director with cult filmmaker Iván Zulueta chatty, lucid and with some unease, Zulueta breaks his hermetic silence kept for so many years. Far from being a complete hagiography, the film focuses on the creative world of a key director in the Spanish vanguard, as he speaks openly of the fetishes and obsessions that fueled his imagination. 


→ The screening is followed by a Q&A with the director Andrés Duque.


Oleg and the Rare Arts

Original title: Oleg y las raras artes

Tuesday 8 October 2019 at 17:30

Who is this man who looks as if he stepped out of a story by Gogol? The legendary Oleg Nikolaevitch Karavaychuk is the mysterious and moving subject of this loving film. He was moved by the music the pianist composed for a film by Kira Muratova and is the first foreigner to win the trust of the eccentric Oleg Karavaychuk.


Oleg and the Rare Arts is a gift to the viewer, a gift from an old artist who wants to be reconciled with the world and who transports us away from reality with words, gestures and piano playing, free of social conventions, to a world where clashing dissonants have a liberating beauty. 


Oleg Nikolayevich Karavaychuk (1927-2016) played the piano for Stalin as a child prodigy, attended the Leningrad Conservatory and in the course of his career primarily wrote music for theatre and film - for instance, for Paradjanov and Muratova. In Russia, he was admired for his music and his playing, but also for his unique and eccentric personality. Karavaychuk is still a controversial and puzzling figure in Russian culture. 


→ Screening followed by a Q&A with the director Andrés Duque.

Karelia: International with Monument & Open talk

Saturday 12 October 2019 at 16:00

The film explores the mysterious forests of a remote territory on the Finnish-Russian border, an idyllic setting where shamanic magic and the historical trauma of Stalin’s purges intersect. With his expressive, inquisitive camerawork and a deliriously idiosyncratic approach to montage, Andrés Duque  observes local customs, plays with children in the woods, and follows the fraught efforts to commemorate the purges’ forgotten victims, creating a wild, hallucinatory portrait of a place that still bears the traces of ancient folkloric custom—and the wounds of the past.



Dialogue with the filmmaker Andrés Duque where he will tour his work, marked by a strong essay and experimental component. His work proposes trips that are both geographic and mental. An original look away from the canons of the industry. In this session we start from Karelia - place where Duque filmed his most recent film - and we will be drawing a cartography that will lead us to his first film Iván Z where we will arrive at his first cinephile image. The cinema as a journey of discovery and encounters is definitely, what the author will propose in this hour session.


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