Saturday 26 October 2019

at 13:00


Curated by Léo Custódio

120 min


Place: Caisa Auditorium

Kaikukatu 4, Helsinki

Tickets: Free entrance

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Black Narratives in Brazilian Cinema

A Conversation between Léo Custódio (ARMA Alliance) and filmmaker Tai Linhares (Brazil/Germany)


In recent years, Black Brazilians have increasingly created new narratives about what it means to be Black in Brazil. Filmmaking has been an especially powerful process for the documentation of nuances of Blackness in contemporary Brazil.


In partnership with the Anti-Racism Media Activist Alliance (ARMA Alliance, funded by Kone Foundation), Cinemaissi proudly presents the screening of short films that represent different types of narratives on Brazilian Blackness: “Parda” (Mixed Race, Tai Linhares, 2019), “Favela que me viu crescer” (Favela that has seen me grow, Coletivo Cafuné na Laje, 2015) and “KBela” (Yasmin Thayná, 2015).


Following the screening, we will have a conversation between ARMA Alliance’s co-coordinator Léo Custódio and filmmaker Tai Linhares, director of “Parda” ( They will reflect on the current moment of Black narratives in Brazil.

Mixed Race

Original title: Parda

Tai Linhares

Brazil, 2019

29 min

An authoritarian regime plans to restore white supremacy in Brazil. Their first act is to demand the return of all white Brazilian citizens living abroad. In the midst of this political chaos, Tai needs to prove that she is not white, but is faced with uncertainty about her own racial identity. The film delves into the ambiguous concept of race in Brazil, exploring the traces left by its colonial past and the family history of the director. An exploratory journey between fiction and documentary.

Favela that Has Seen Me Grow 

Original title: Favela que Me Viu Crescer

Coletivo Cafuné na Laje

Brazil, 2015

15 min

A film that portrays the life of Tia Dorinha, Vó Chiquinha, Tião do Azul and Mais Preto. Following their own narratives and everyday lives, the film ties their narratives to the affective relationships build throughout the years at favela Jacarezinho, in Rio de Janeiro.


Yasmin Thayná

Brazil, 2015

22 min

A sensitive look at the experience of racism suffered daily by black women. The discovery of an ancestral power emerges from their natural hair transcending whitening. A subjective exercise of self-representation and empowerment.

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